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Keynote Speaker Presentations


JooYeun Chang Keynote – July 19, 2016

Jim Seymour Keynote – July 20, 2016 

Darrell Armstrong Keynote – July 20, 2016


Workshops A1 – A16


A1 – Special Needs of Multiracial Families

A2 – Hope and Healing for the High-Risk Family (Part 1) (download is the same as B17 below, but this is a two-part session, not a repeat.)

A3 – Collaborative Permanency

A5 – Structured Supervision

A6 – Link Between Child Abuse and Bullying

A8 – Maternal Mental Health

A9 – Advocacy Training

A9 – Advocacy Tool Kit 2016

A9 – Nonprofit Votes Handouts

A10 – Fostering Sustainable Connections

A11 – Preventing Generation Next

A12 – Arizona Human Services Training

A12 – Federal Funding for Foster Parent Training

A12 – Is Arizona Self-Funding

A12 – Title IV-E Decision Tree

A14 – How to Manage Trauma Infographic

A14 – Intimate Partner Violence

A16 – Safe Reduction Initiative


Workshops B17 – B32


B17 – Hope and Healing for the High-Risk Family (Part 2) (download is the same as A2 above, but this is a two-part session, not a repeat.)

B18 – Speak Up Be Safe Workshop

B18 – Speak Up Be Safe Fact Sheet

B18 – Speak Up Be Safe Program Overview

B19 – Social Connections

B20 – Be a Voice for Young Children

B20 – Be a Voice for Young Children – Letters to the Editor

B20 – Be a Voice for Young Children – Power Mapping

B21 – Engaging Tribal Partners for Child Safety

B24 – Engaging and Supporting Foster Families

B25 – Parental Resilience

B25 – Parental Resilience – Do You Know Scale

B25 – Zero to Three Resilience

B26 – RU UP 4 IT – Dialogue With Foster Kids

B26 – Dialogue With Foster Kids – Talk Toolkit

B27 – He Said, She Said

B27 – Gender Communication Quiz

B29 – Working With Victims

B30 – Healer Identity

B31 – Promoting Student Well-Being

B31 – Mandatory Reporter Online Resources

B31 – Promoting Student Well-Being

B32 – Medication-Assisted Treatment



Workshops C33 – C48

C34 – Building Resilient Families

C35 – Heart of the Matter – Family-Youth Engagement

C37 – Native Miracles – Changing Lives

C37 – Native Miracles

C38 – Effective Lobbying for Kids and Families

C39 – Training Families in Crisis Intervention

C40 – Foster Care – Normalcy

C40 – Foster Care Resources

C40 – Fostering Advocates

C41 – Chronic Neglect

C43 – Red Light Rebellion Fact Sheet

C43 – Red Light Rebellion Red Flag Card

C43 – Sex Trafficking – DCS Training Tool

C43 – Sex Trafficking Prevention – Additional Resources

C44 – Forensic Interviewer and Crisis Worker

C45 – CarePortal

C46 – Emotional Regulation

C47 – Triple P – Positive Parenting

C47 – Triple P AZ

C47 – Triple P Factsheet

C47 – Triple P Key Research Findings



Workshops D49 – D64


D52 – Including Youths in Prevention Efforts

D52 – Including Youths – Presenter Bios

D53 – Family Engagement and Empowerment

D54 – Effective Referrals – Children with Disabilities

D54 – Effective Referrals – Resources

D55 – Strengthening Families – Social and Emotional Competence

D55 – Strengthening Families – Evidence-Based Information

D55 – Strengthening Families – Teaching Pyramid

D55 – Social-Emotional Health Tips

D55 – Umbrella Illustration

D56 – Do What’s Good For You

D56 – Secondary Traumatic Stress

D57 – Mandated Reporting in Arizona

D58 – Reproductive Health

D59 – SENSE – Substance-Exposed Newborn Safe Environment

D60 – Supporting and Strengthening Families

D61 – Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

D61 – Myths About Trafficking

D61 – Story of America’s Trafficked Youth

D61 – Trafficked Youth – Discussion Questions

D62 – Using Language to Empower

D63 – Drug Testing Methods and Myths

D63 – Drug Testing – Adulteration

D63 – Drug Testing – Common and Creative Excuses

D63 – Drug Testing – Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG)

D63 – Drug Testing – Helpful Hints

D63 – Drug Testing – Specimen Dilution

D63 – Drug Testing Mythbusters

D63 – Interpreting Drug Test Levels

D63 – Invalid and Substituted Samples

D64 – Substance Abuse Treatment – Engaging Families