Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Board of Directors

Every nonprofit agency with a critical mission exists because a number of talented and committed volunteers serve as members of the board of directors.


Our Board of Directors includes:

Rick Griffin – President

Rick Griffin is the Director of Training and Curriculum Development with Community Resilience Initiative (CRI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a citizenry conversant in trauma and resilience. Rick has committed his life to the education of others. After completing his master’s degree in education, Rick became a founding member and executive director of Jubilee Leadership Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teens. Under Rick’s leadership, Jubilee was World Magazine’s 2014 winner of the Hope Award for Effective Compassion.

Rick enjoys speaking to thousands of individuals from around the globe and is widely recognized for his work in trauma-informed care. Rick’s vision to educate the masses about the impact of trauma inspired him to establish a national trauma and resilience conference that is held annually in Washington state. He is currently working on his latest passion, Purpose Driven Play, a series of games designed to equip individuals with the skills to overcome adversity. Amid all this, Rick still finds the time for his highest priorities: his faith, his family, and his friends.

Kelly Legler, LCMHC – Vice President

Kelly Legler is a dynamic and accomplished therapist and Clinical Director at Spectrum Healthcare Group. Bringing more than 20 years of leadership experience to her practice with patients and supervision of clinical teams, Kelly demonstrates energy, purpose and drive in all her efforts. Her expertise and passion include working with teens and families, people struggling with suicidal ideations, challenges that surround adoption (working with birth parents, adoptive parents, and children), and building strong organizational culture.

Kelly lives in her hometown of Prescott, Arizona, with her husband, teenage son, and two dogs that keep her active! She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with an emphasis in trauma and crisis intervention. She is pursuing her Doctorate in Psychology, focusing on leadership and organizational development.

Roy Teramoto, MD – Treasurer

Roy Teramoto is a board-certified pediatrician who has worked for the Indian Health Service for more than 34 years.  During his career, he served on the Child Protection Teams of the Phoenix Indian Medical Center and the Phoenix Area Office.  He has also previously served on the Arizona Child Fatality Committee.  He is currently a member of the Triple P Arizona Community Advisory Committee.

Mimi Allen – Board Member

Mimi Allen, a corporate trainer, is the Arizona Paseo Pointe Parent-Teacher Association’s vice president of Parent & Family Outreach.

Haley Dietzman – Board Member

Haley Dietzman is an Arizona native and board-certified family nurse practitioner with the Child Protection Team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Seattle University and a Master of Science, Family Nurse Practitioner, from Georgetown University. Haley is a certified pediatric sexual assault nurse examiner and participates in the Maricopa County Child Fatality Review Board. In her career, Haley has seen the devastating and lasting effects of child abuse and is passionate about working on prevention efforts. She enjoys helping high-risk populations and educating colleagues about child maltreatment and how to prevent poor outcomes.

Isaiah Lopez – Board Member

Isaiah Lopez is CEO of Ozo Development and creator of OZZI, a mobile companion helping the U.S. Government stay safer and react instantly to threats anywhere in the world. Isaiah is passionate about serving the community through empathy and technology-driven insights. He has seen first-hand how neighborhood and family experiences can influence individual development for a lifetime. Drawing from his background as a technologist and his own adverse and positive childhood, Isaiah is dedicated to equity and outcomes that foster multi-generational success. Isaiah is a father to three active teens and is a native to Arizona, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix. He currently serves as a technology advisor and team member with Valley Leadership’s Child Well-Being Impact Maker.

Dorene Washington – Board Member

Dorene Washington, an Arizona native, is the senior program coordinator for Northern Arizona University’s School of Nursing. Previously, she was the associate director of transfer initiatives at Columbia College, Chicago.

Dorene is currently in the process of securing her LLC to serve the homeless communities in Flagstaff. She is a certified first responder and is working on her CPR teaching certification. Dorene’s passion is to help the underserved, abused, and the forgotten in society. Dorene has seen first-hand the devastating results of child abuse and is determined to educate the high-risk populations to end the vicious cycle.

Dorene also has a podcast on which she reads bedtime stories for toddlers, and also volunteers with Sun Sound radio, providing audio access to print information to people who cannot read or hold print material due to a disability.