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What does this project do?

The Department of Child Safety coordinates Regional Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Councils across Arizona, designed to promote public awareness about preventing child maltreatment through community-led educational campaigns and advocacy. Because our headquarters are located in Yavapai County, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona leads the Yavapai County Regional Child Abuse Prevention Council: Yavapai Communities for Kids.

Each council is encouraged to generate innovative ideas in response to their community’s unique needs. Yavapai Communities for Kids is working to boost family protective factors through its annual event, the Pinwheel Party. Additionally, Yavapai Communities for Kids provides Strengthening Families Protective Factors trainings to local families and the professionals who serve them.

Who’s Involved?

A Regional CAP Council comprises community stakeholders from the nonprofit, business, human service, and civic sectors, who wish to volunteer their time to support and inform local public awareness campaigns about child abuse prevention. The group meets six times a year. If you would like to get involved with a Regional CAP council near your area, visit the Department of Child Safety’s website to explore CAP councils across Arizona.

 If you would like to join Prevent Child Abuse Arizona’s Yavapai Communities for Kids group, please contact the program lead, Molly Peterson, at molly@pcaaz.org.

Become a Member

Contact PCA Arizona to learn more about this program.