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What does this project do?

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona (PCA Arizona) has received a small grant to establish a local Child Abuse Prevention Council in the Prescott/Tri-City area. The purpose of a Regional Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council is to increase public awareness about prevention of child maltreatment through informational campaigns and to advocate for effective programs and policies to prevent abuse and neglect. Yavapai Communities for Kids is working to educate the community in the Prescott/Tri-City area on the Child Abuse Prevention Fund. Arizona tax payers can make a donation to this fund to help further prevention efforts in Arizona.

Please click here for more information on the Child Abuse Prevention Fund.

Who’s Involved?

A Regional CAP Council is comprised community stakeholders, representing professional, business and civic sectors, who wish to volunteer their time to meet four times a year to advise on implementing public awareness campaigns throughout the area. There are many other Regional CAP Councils in communities throughout Arizona – go to Arizona Department of Economic Security’s website. Interested in becoming a Council Member?

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Get Involved

Contact PCA Arizona to learn more about this program.