This year, our supporters raised over $57,000 during our End of Year campaign! This generosity is largely due to organizations like the Geo Secure Services of the Central Arizona Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility, who worked alongside the incarcerated individuals to raise funds for Prevent Child Abuse Arizona. The Geo Group hosted a bake sale throughout December, raising a total of $12,183.52 to strengthen families and help those who have experienced abuse heal from its effects. Darlene Wuertz of the Geo Group and co-leader of the fundraiser explained, “The inmates are very supportive and motivated by our monthly fundraisers!” The Geo Group staff loves to see the fundraiser grow. “My goal this year was to break the record from last December. And we did! We broke our record by $3,000,” shares Lesa Walker, a co-leader in the fundraiser.

Additional donations to our end-of-year campaign included a $5,000 gift from the Cliff Castle Casino. Every December, Cliff Castle Casino has the tradition of dividing unclaimed jackpot funds amongst local charities. Next, the Fann Employees Making a Difference (FEMAD), initiated by Fann Contracting and Environmental, gave $15,613, a sum of Fann employees’ weekly paycheck contributions throughout 2021.

These donations also came from generous individual donors like you. Because of you, we are starting 2022 off strong, working to broaden our reach and partnerships to build protective factors that give parents and children a promising future.