Arizona SHIFT

THE MISSION of Arizona SHIFT is to identify and support pregnant and postpartum families in Arizona affected by substance use disorder, to receive person-centered, high quality, trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and compassionate care.

OUR VISION is to improve outcomes for babies and families affected by substance use disorder.

OUR COMMITMENT to Arizona is to forge a robust network of community care providers to support families with a coordinated, integrated, and non-stigmatizing approach.


New SHIFT Initiative Creates Prenatal Support Systems for Expectant Mothers with Substance Use Disorder

The intervention point begins with the obstetrician, as women are most interested in change during pregnancy. While obstetricians are mandatory reporters, SHIFT optimizes their role as a mandatory supporter, too. By incorporating resource provider and obstetrician collaboration before and after birth, families can utilize recovery time, prenatal care, resources, and support to strengthen their case during a DCS investigation…

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Receives $60,000 to Improve Outcomes for Substance-exposed Newborns and their Families

When a pregnant person struggles with substance use, they can feel isolated and overwhelmed. Due to stigma or fear, they may not seek help. However, to achieve the best possible outcomes for both babies and their families, it is vitally important to offer nonjudgmental, compassionate support to pregnant people using substances as early as possible…

Maricopa SHIFT Parent Testimonial

Clarissa briefly describes her journey. We’re proud that she is now one of the Maricopa SHIFT service providers, helping expectant parents to have healthy babies.

 Funding for Arizona SHIFT has been provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Prevent Child Abuse America. Technical assistance was provided by the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare.