Prevention is a National Movement

By Molly Peterson

The Prevent Child Abuse Arizona team recently joined 1,200 prevention partners from across the United States for the Together for Prevention Conference hosted by Prevent Child Abuse America. Among the conference-goers were other Prevent Child Abuse America state chapters and Healthy Families sites.

The Baltimore air was thick with more than just late-summer humidity; the collective excitement to connect and innovate was palpable. Over four days, we shared our insights and successes and reflected on how we might do better for children and families. Strategies for increasing economic support for families, enhancing family resource centers, advancing equity, and increasing relational health emerged among many themes.

We asked a few of our team members to reflect on their experience, and here’s what they had to say:

  • “I’ve been thinking a lot about how the human brain is so quick to see threats and risks and so ready to hyper-fixate on negative things. One of the most helpful things the conference did was allow me to absorb example after example of real-life successes happening all over the country. It’s really inspiring to think about the ‘wins’ each state is currently experiencing, telling a collective story of meaningful progress.
  • “It is always affirming and energizing to be with like-hearted professionals who are working in prevention. There is so much power and heart in the chapters. And joy. The joy of being known and knowing others and making new connections.”
  • “Togetherness is always the most powerful aspect of any conference. While surrounded by prevention partners from across the United States, I was reminded that Arizona partners are equally committed, creative, and courageous to change conditions and co-create an upstream family support system. As excited as I was to be in Baltimore and learn about effective prevention strategies, I am more excited to return home to work alongside our communities to bring prevention to life.”

To witness more of our Baltimore experience, watch the recap reels here and here!