We are grateful to welcome to our team Training Specialist Michelli Castaneda.

Michelli Castaneda

Michelli is Prevent Child Abuse Arizona’s Training Specialist, a role that intertwines her expertise in the Arizona justice system and curriculum development to support program development through collaborative work with Prevent Child Abuse Arizona partners. Here are a few things about Michelli:

“I deeply believe all children deserve the opportunity to thrive, and I know that can only happen when families have what they need to nurture and protect them. I’m so compelled by PCAAZ’s focus on prevention because stopping child maltreatment before it begins feels like working to build the world we want rather than only reacting to the world we currently have. As Training Specialist, I’m honored to play a small part in building that better world and grateful to have found a home at PCAAZ.

“I started as a high school chemistry teacher before making my way into an instructional coaching role with Teach For America. I enjoyed coaching teachers to recognize and use their strengths, which eventually drew me to building leadership development programs – first for teachers, then later for any interested Arizonan through my work at Valley Leadership. Between my roles at Teach For America and Valley Leadership, I took a detour through law school at Arizona State University to learn more about how we treat children in the justice system. Before earning my JD, I received a master’s degree in secondary education from ASU and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Arizona. 

“I’m a mom to three incredible kids, ages 5, 3, and 1. As Arizona natives, my husband and I are privileged to be surrounded by family from both sides, and I’ve learned that one of my favorite things in the world is watching them love my children as much as I do. My interests include baking, crafting, and overzealous birthday party planning.”