Math is funAuthor: Mary Warren PhD, IMH-E® (IV-P)

Even if you don’t consider yourself a math whiz, you can help your young child learn math concepts through simple everyday interactions:

  1. Point out circles, squares, and triangles in signs and or objects around you. Say the name of the shape as you point (circle, square, triangle).
  2. Draw a shape on your baby’s belly during diaper changes and label it aloud.
  3. Teach simple fractions. Let your three year-old choose to have his sandwich cut in half or in fourths. Is one bigger than the other?
  4. Count the number of objects (blocks, cars, apples) that can be put inside two boxes of different sizes. Which one holds more?
  5. Playing dominos with your preschooler can teach her to count and match. Connect four can help her with numbers and spacing.

The most important element in any of these activities is your enthusiasm. If you have fun with math, you teach your child that learning math is fun!

Author: Mary Warren