In her final year as PCA Arizona executive director Becky Ruffner was recognized at the Prevent Child Abuse America national conference with the James Hmurovich Award. Recipients are selected by fellow state chapter directors throughout the country. This award is given to a PCA America Chapter Executive Director for leadership in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. As the founding director, Becky has committed 30 years of her career with PCA Arizona to providing solutions to community needs that support Arizona’s families.

Three PCA America chapter peers highlight why they nominated Becky for this award:

  • “Becky Ruffner is the rare visionary who can both perceive big-picture needs and implement detailed solutions. Just as importantly, she is a galvanizing leader who inspires positive action in service of children and families.”
  • “I believe that Becky understood the meaning and value of ‘collective impact’ LONG before it was a common term in social services!  She realized, decades ago, that to truly provide a statewide ‘reach and impact’ in a state as large and diverse as Arizona, she had to partner with other like-minded, quality organizations…and she has done exactly that!”
  • “Becky is deeply respected by ALL of us throughout the Chapter Network; and her leadership, creativity, passion and knowledge will be deeply missed as she approaches retirement, at the end of this year.”

Becky is an exemplary leader in child welfare not only across Arizona, but around the nation. She will be greatly missed as she ventures into retirement, though her legacy will continue to live on.