Trish Le Fever, Branch Manager at Interstate Loans Center, Inc., presents a check to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona on behalf of a recent loan closing in Prescott Valley.

As a former foster parent, Trish is passionate about assisting parents and families in getting help when they need it. Trish Le Fever is a mother of six children, including three young adopted children. Today, Trish works as a Mortgage Loan Officer and Branch Manager with Interstate Home Loan Center where she feels she can have an even greater impact on her community. The Le Fever Team at Interstate Home Loan Center Inc. donates a portion of every loan closing to assist the families within our community.

Considering Trish’s generous and philanthropic intentions for her business, you can imagine the care she has for each of her clients, as well. “My role as a Mortgage Loan Officer/Branch Manager is to provide our community an opportunity to work with a local Mortgage Loan Officer that really cares about them as a person and a family. I will do everything I can to help make the dream of home ownership a reality by providing financing that meets their individual needs. Many feel that homeownership is out of reach, but if I have a client that is not able to purchase today, I will take the time necessary to assist them in building a plan, so that they may achieve their goals in the near future.”

“I was a foster parent for many years, mostly as a single parent. Being a foster parent is not an easy task, but it is a rewarding one. It broke my heart to see what some of our children have gone through and I believe a lot of that trauma could have been prevented. Parenting is not always an easy task, but if parents knew where to get help when needed, it could prevent a child from being subject to abuse/neglect.” Trish believes in Prevent Child Abuse Arizona’s efforts to provide advocacy and trainings for evidence-based programs that provide support to parents before they bump against the foster care system. 

We are so grateful for Trish and are thrilled to be a part of her vision: “Each year, my goal is to assist more people/families than I did the year before. I would like to leave behind the community better than the way I found it.”

Thank you, Trish!