Prevent Child Abuse Arizona and BloomTree Realty have a long history, dating back to when CEO Nick Malouff donated a piece of real estate, which initiated a capital campaign to fund the PCA Arizona statewide headquarters over 15 years ago. BloomTree Realty is a company that uses their collective power to give back to the community in which they work. Realtor Lynn Kent is a stellar example of that value.
Lynn became affiliated with Prevent Child Abuse Arizona in early October 2018 when she attended a real estate gifts class at PCA Arizona on strategies sellers can use to save on capital gains taxes while benefiting the community. Later that month, Lynn and our Development Director Rebekah Prieto were attending a training hosted by the Women’s Council of Realtors on growing a real estate business through strategic philanthropy. Although the two were sitting at opposite ends of the room, a serendipitous turn of events brought the women together. When Lynn spotted Rebekah, she wrote a generous donation check and planned to send it with Rebekah at the end of the presentation. Before the training adjourned, the group pulled two names from a hat to win a gift card for a coffee date. Lo and behold, Lynn and Rebekah were each drawn and offered an opportunity to connect. At that moment, Lynn presented the check, which will go to support the continued efforts of ensuring children grow up happy and safe.
“I have always wanted to be able to have a positive effect on the area I live in. As a Realtor, I am becoming more familiar with some of the issues that the families in our area face. While this is an amazing place to live, the price of owning a home continues to rise. I’d love to find a way to help lower-income families get into homes of their own. Having that security goes a long way to reduce stress in one’s life, which in turn makes a better life for children.”
“Prevent Child Abuse Arizona offers so much to families and children in this area. I see proof of it just through our giving at BloomTree Realty. The main reason I decided to give to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is because our children’s voices are seldom heard and they are the ones that need us most. Kids rely on their families for everything, and if their families are not providing that for whatever reason, then someone needs to step in and fill that void. Prevent Child Abuse Arizona goes one step further and teaches families how to cope when there are problems so children are not negatively affected. I am a firm believer that anyone can make their life better if they have the tools, and Prevent Child Abuse Arizona does just that. Spending time talking with Rebekah over coffee and hearing how much Prevent Child Abuse Arizona means to her, it’s hard not to be inspired!”
Lynn, we are so grateful for your investment in the lives of Arizona’s children. Your commitment to the families in your community shines in your work and your generosity in giving back. Thank you!