All Babies Cry


Watch the 7-minute webinar below to learn information on the All Babies Cry (ABC) program and how to use the app, which is free to download using the code ‘COVID19’:


For more information on ABC, please visit


What does this project do?

All Babies Cry (ABC) gives caregivers tools to cope with infant crying. ABC:

-Is strength-based

-Clearly shows both ways to comfort and how to cope

-Considers parents’ needs to be as important as baby’s development

-Sets the expectation that new parenthood is stressful

-Talks about how to ask for help


Who does it reach?

ABC is offered by a nurse to new parents just prior to discharge with their newborn. Parents who voluntarily participate are shown a brief video on soothing their baby, how to cope with infant crying, and the dangers of Abusive Head Trauma (formerly known at Shaken Baby Syndrome). They are also given access to the All Babies Cry app on their mobile device, in which they can access videos showing strategies for soothing babies and coping with stress.


During the program’s pilot stage, parents were asked to participate in a follow-up survey. Of those in the sample of parents who were called, 96% remembered the program and nearly 90% said they had shared the information they had learned with other caregivers for their child.


ABC is currently funded by the Arizona Community Foundation. It is a program developed and owned by Children’s Trust.