The virtual setting makes it easy for parents to join from the comfort of their own home, a hot cup of coffee in hand!

Covid-19 has increased isolation for many families, but it has also provided opportunities for new thinking, flexibility, and resilience. Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Training and Program Director Meghan Hays Davis and Arizona’s Children Association Program Supervisor Salli Maxwell have partnered to offer Parent Huddles twice per quarter. Like in sports, this “huddle” serves as a way for parents to gather together to strategize, motivate, and celebrate. Parents drive the conversation and Meghan and Salli offer support by answering questions or discussing struggles concerning child development and behavior. Parents leave feeling more resilient, connected, and knowledgeable about their children’s needs.

One parent shared that she appreciated her increased understanding that “toddlers and children are not always rational and competent. They are not acting out on purpose to hurt you, but to communicate a need that they have and don’t know how to express. This information will help me to have patience and empathy during stressful times with my children.”

Another attendee noted that the virtual setting helped her to access the meeting and show up authentically: “I was feeling very emotional, and I would not have attended an in-person meeting in that state.”

Parent stress is normal. Stress during times like these can push people to their limits.  Parent Huddles are helping strengthen families by helping them build resilience to stress through understanding and collaboration. Contact Meghan Hays Davis to learn more at