Driven by a sense of purpose for providing a safe community for everyone, gym owner Joseph Hawthorne opened Block Fitness in Oro Valley, Arizona. Block Fitness promotes a culture where everyone is safe to be truly themselves and receive support in a judgement-free environment.

“In working with a multitude of clients to help them achieve weight loss, I’ve witnessed clients’ emotional barriers and identified preserving behaviors related to childhood experiences,” Joseph explains.

One client’s experience stands out in particular. After decades of trying to shed pounds, this client seemed stuck at a certain weight. After some self-reflection, she realized the last time she weighed that amount was when she was sexually assaulted. Joseph encouraged her to seek professional help, and continued providing her an individualized fitness and nutrition plan. With time and support, she was able to lose the weight, representing a monumental shift in her life after trauma. Block Fitness understands that “true change to support healthy lives is prevention” so every month, they donate $9.82 of every membership to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona.

Block Fitness is promoting health and resilience both for their clients and for families across Arizona. Thank you, Block Fitness, for your focus on preventing child abuse and working to create safe communities for Arizona’s children.

To learn more about Block Fitness and inquire about a free trial, visit or contact them at or (520) 789-7780.