Our Staff

Whether it’s training nurses to educate new parents on coping with crying babies, coordinating law enforcement investigators to learn how to interview children, or teaching child welfare professionals techniques to strengthen families and improve outcomes for infants and toddlers, our staff and contractors are all committed child advocates who are the best at what they do. Together, we focus on meeting community needs for strategies that keep children safe.

Statewide Team


Claire Louge

Executive Director

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CJ James

Executive Assistant

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Accounting Department

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Meghan Hays Davis

Program and Training Director

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Rebekah Prieto

Development Director

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Molly Peterson

Director of Strategic Partnerships

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Best For Babies

Meghan Hays Davis

Program and Training Director

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Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

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All Babies Cry

Beth Eggers-Sedlet

Program Coordinator

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The Yavapai Family Advocacy Center Team


Missy Sikora


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Ana Sanchez

Forensic Interviewer

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Deborah Patyk

Office Administrator

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Deb Maison

Advocate Supervisor

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Margaret Exley

Youth Advocate

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Chita Olsen

Victim Advocate

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Patty Mendoza

Victim Advocate

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Maria Napolitano

Victim Advocate

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Ana Sanchez

Bilingual Advocate

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We have many talented Arizona citizens who support our mission by serving on the board.