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What does this project do?

never shake a babyNever Shake a Baby Arizona (NSBAz) is an evidence-based program that is aimed at providing parents information and skills to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome. Our goal is to eliminate Shaken Baby Syndrome. To achieve this goal, NSBAz is working to be available throughout the state to all parents who have just given birth.

Who does it reach?

The NSBAZ program is offered by the nurse to new parents just prior to discharge with their newborn. Parents who voluntarily participate are given a tip sheet on how to handle a crying infant; they watch a video on Shaken Baby Syndrome; and they are asked to sign a “commitment form” that states that they were educated on the dangers of shaking babies. They also make a plan to handle their crying child and inform all who take care of their child about their plan and about SBS.


During the program’s pilot stage, parents were asked to participate in a follow-up survey. Of those in the sample of parents who were called, 96% remembered the program and nearly 90% said they had shared the information they had learned with other caregivers for their child.


NSBAZ, a project of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, is currently funded by grants from the Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Fund, BHHS Legacy Foundation, the Morris Foundation, Phoenix Sun’s Charities, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, and Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Women’s and Children’s Health.


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