Lean On Me AZ

Lean On Me AZ, a project funded by Casey Family Programs, is an effort to raise awareness about the factors that protect families from overwhelming stress, and provide tips, tools, and messages to help community members strengthen families.

All parents and caregivers will need help at some point. Empowering families is the key to protecting children from abuse and neglect so that they never happen in the first place. Prevention succeeds when the community is there for parents at the moment that they need information, support, or help dealing with overwhelming stress.

Opportunities to offer this support present themselves every day. In this Lean On Me AZ report and toolkit, you will find things you can do to seize those opportunities.

Download the Lean On Me AZ Report & Toolkit

These tips, tools, and messages were community-generated. In late 2020, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona held small group focused discussions and distributed online surveys to ask a diversity of Arizonans to share their perspectives, lived experiences, ideas, and suggestions on how to best strengthen families to prevent child adversity.


Interested in a presentation about Lean On Me AZ? Email Claire Louge at claire@pcaaz.org.