What is Flourishing Families?

Flourishing Families is a curriculum that helps those who work with families teach parents about the five Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors and how to build them in their family. The curriculum was designed by five trainers certified to teach the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors, and reviewed by more than twenty Arizona parents.

The curriculum is designed to be a supplement to the work that you do with families. Using the curriculum’s activities, discussions and handouts, the Flourishing Families Practitioner will guide parents to think about how protective factors show up in their lives, and the small and significant steps they can take to strengthen their family’s protective factors. Flourishing Families is centered on engaging parents in self-reflection. Practitioners use the curriculum to help parents recognize their thoughts, feelings, perceptions, values, and behaviors so that they can intentionally build their strengths to be the kind of parent that they wish to be.


Flourishing Families Practitioner Trainings

The Flourishing Families Practitioner Certification Training is a high-engagement 12-hour training that spans the course of two days (in person) or three days (virtually). Through discussion, modeling, and practice, participants will learn to use the curriculum’s activities and handouts so that they can use these tools in their work with parents.

Interested in attending or hosting a Flourishing Families Practitioner Training? Contact claire@pcaaz.org