We’re Partnering!

December 15-17, 2020

Connection: The Power of Relationships

Over the last quarter-century, the Statewide Child Abuse Prevention Conference has become a must-attend event amongst advocates, community leaders, child welfare professionals, volunteers, law enforcement, and policymakers as a summit that produces practical solutions to help keep families strong and children thriving.

This year’s conference theme is “Connection: The Power of Relationships” and will focus on how building and strengthening relationships is critical to creating the world we want for children.  


Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, contact rebekah@pcaaz.org.

For general inquiries about the conference, please email capconf@pcaaz.org.


Joining Forces

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is delighted to announce that our 26th Statewide Child Abuse Prevention Conference will join forces with the AZ Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Consortium’s 7th Annual ACEs Summit this year. The combined event will occur on December 15-17, 2020, and will engage hundreds of people from across Arizona to connect, learn, and strengthen the movement to prevent and address child adversity in our state.

Registration will open October 1.
Information on registration fees will be posted once the event’s format (in-person or virtual) is decided.

About the AZ ACEs Consortium

Founded in 2007, the Arizona ACEs Consortium is a diverse group of individuals working together to promote ideas, policies, and practices that reduce and prevent childhood adversity and build resilience in individuals, families, and communities.


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Network with friends and colleagues while sharing the latest information on new resources and best practices and positive outcomes.

The 2020 Child Abuse Prevention Conference will feature speakers and workshops covering an array of topics addressing how to support families and build connections to prevent child abuse before it ever happens.