2019 Child Abuse PREVENTION Conference Workshop Handouts

CAP25 will be held Tuesday, July 23, and Wednesday, July 24, 2019, at the Wigwam Resort, 300 E Wigwam Blvd., Litchfield Park (west of Phoenix). Click here for directions.

Click on the links below to download workshop materials. If some of your workshops aren’t listed below, the presenter may not have handouts or may supply hardcopies.

Keynote Bios

Dr Deb Daro bio

Dr Bart Klika bio

Captain Tingirides Bio

Naomi Haines Griffith bio

A1 – A11 Workshops 

A1-Trauma-Informed Care

A2-Transition-Aged Youths

A3-Art Heals – Infusing Creativity

A6-Human Trafficking – Control Wheel

A6-Human Trafficking – TRUST Book List

A7-Investigation of Crimes – AZ Infant Death Checklist

A7-Investigation of Crimes – Blank Calendar

A7-Investigation of Crimes Involving Kids – Denver

B12 – B22 Workshops 

BC14-Simple Way to Understand Trauma

B16-Creating a Safe Environment at Churches

B17-Triple P Presentation

B17-Triple P AZ Eval Summary Maricopa 2015-2018

B21-Insightful Caregiving – Dissociation

B21-Insightful Caregiving – Hyperarousal

B21-Insightful Caregiving – Intimacy

B22-Littlest Survivors – Impact of DV

B22-Littlest Survivors – Policy Update

C23 – C30 Workshops 

C23-Permanency For Teens

C23-Permanency – Placement Ecomap

C23-Permanency – Reframing Questions

C23-Permanency – Samuel’s Story

C25-Preventing Abusive Head Trauma

C26-Building Resiliency – Dance Movement

C28-Trauma Lens Care – Finding Your ACE Score

C28-Trauma Lens Care – Overlapping Characteristics

D31 – D41 Workshops 

DE31-1-0 Helping Families Flourish Intro

DE31-1-1 HFF Protective Factors

DE31-2-0 HFF Resilience Intro

DE31-2-2 HFF Resilience Parenting Powers Plant

DE31-2-6 HFF Resilience Reframing

DE31-2-9 HFF Resilience Wellness and Safety

DE31-3-0 HFF Social Intro

DE31-3-2 HFF Social Parenting Powers Plant

DE31-3-7 HFF Social Reciprocity

DE31-3-10 HFF Social Wellness and Safety

DE31-4-0 HFF Knowledge Intro

DE31-4-2 HFF Knowledge Parenting Powers Plant

DE31-4-5 HFF Knowledge Mission Statement

DE31-4-7 HFF Knowledge Wellness and Safety

DE31-5-0 HFF Support Intro

DE31-5-2 HFF Support Parenting Powers plant

DE31-5-4 HFF Support In the Zone

DE31-5-8 HFF Support Wellness and Safety

DE31-6-0 HFF SEC Intro

DE31-6-2 HFF Parenting Powers Plant

DE31-6-6 HFF SEC Sit With It

DE31-6-7 HFF SEC Wellness and Safety

DE33-Complex Trauma in Children – Strategies for Healing

D35-Self Care for Changemakers

D36-Impact of Parental Opioid Use

D40-New Way to Offer Help – Hotline

D40-New Way to Offer Help – Text and Chat

E42 – E49 Workshops 

E43-From Human Doing to Human Being

E45-Sexual Abusers Do Not Look Like Monsters

E48-Change is Coming – Family First

E49-Consequences of Unaddessed Signs of Abuse in ECE