Advanced Forensic Interview Training


“[After attending AFIT], I investigated an attempted kidnapping case in which I used the skills I learned to interview the young victim. The information led to the arrest of three suspects who will no longer be attempting to kidnap anyone. I know this is the first case of many where I will be able to put your training to good use. Thank you again from myself and on behalf of all the victims you have helped by providing such excellent training!”  – Detective attendee of AFIT

Advanced Forensic Interview Training (AFIT) is a four-day (32-hour) experiential course that teaches investigators how to forensically interview both children and adults. It is open to DCS investigators, law enforcement detectives, designated forensic interviewers, Tribal CPS, and prosecuting attorneys.

Participants will be taught the semi-structured cognitive interview technique, a research-informed forensic interview method designed to elicit the greatest amount of factual information from interviewees and avoid re-traumatization of victims.

The course includes roleplays and practicum exercises, with several opportunities for participants to receive assessment and feedback from expert faculty members. Through videos, lecture, large group exercises, and small group exercises, AFIT prepares investigators to interview victims or witnesses of crimes including child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, adult sex assault, sex trafficking, and domestic violence.

Participant progress is determined through the use of a pre- and post-test, as well as expert faculty assessment of participants through practicum exercises and roleplays.

Note: It is no longer necessary to attend BFIT before AFIT.
AFIT used to require the eight-hour Basic Forensic Interview Training (BFIT), a stand-alone course, to be taken within the 12 months prior to attending AFIT. Now, the eight-hour BFIT course is the first day of AFIT. The remaining three days of AFIT go into further depth and include roleplays and small-group practicum exercises facilitated by expert faculty.

AFIT Training Dates

DCS & OCWI– If you are part of DCS/OCWI and you are interested in attending AFIT, please speak with your supervisor. Your supervisor will be able to ask that you are added to an upcoming training.