Becoming an advocate doesn’t need to feel intimidating. Policy-makers benefit from hearing about the issues that are of the most concern to their constituents and welcome that feedback.

You are already an advocate if you have ever:

  • Posted about an issue that’s important to you on facebook, twitter, or other social media sites
  • Given your opinion in a town meeting
  • Returned a faulty product to a store
  • Stood up for someone who was being unfairly treated in a public place
  • Written a letter to a business about poor or outstanding services received, or
  • Gone to City Hall to complain about a property tax bill that seems too high

Being an advocate gives you the opportunity to encourage the public and policy-makers to prioritize and act on issues that benefit children and families. Together, we can ensure that the institutions and policies are operating effectively to foster healthy child development and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Help advocate for children and families in your community today! Click here to find out how to contact your local elected officials today and let them know that you support policies and programs that promote healthy child development and the prevention of abuse and neglect.