The Adverse Childhood Experiences study, or ACE Study, was conducted at Kaiser Permanente from 1995 to 1997 and involved more than 17,000 participants. Each participant completed a physical examination and confidential survey. The survey contained questions about childhood maltreatment and family dysfunction. It also included items detailing their current health status and behaviors.

The results were astounding. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the study found that almost two-thirds of the participants reported at least one ACE. The ace study showed that at least one of the following categories occurred in the participant’s first 18 years of life: abuse – this includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse; physical and emotional neglect; or some type of household dysfunction including violence toward the mother in the home, alcohol or substance abuse in the home and mental illness in the family.

Because of the findings attempts are underway in many municipalities and treatment communities to improve the health of adult survivors by applying ACE Study results. According to, about 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse. The ACE Study allows adult survivors to receive treatment that will break that cycle.

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. Learn how you can break the cycle of abuse in your own family. For your sake, your children’s sake, and for future generations. As it takes only one person to begin the cycle of abuse, it takes only one person to begin breaking it. With help, you can be that person.

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