About Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona has been the state’s leading child maltreatment prevention organization for more than 25 years. Through programs, advocacy and training, PCA Arizona implements strategies to keep children safe and support families in our communities.

PCA Arizona is the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. There are now 50 chapters of Prevent Child Abuse America throughout the United States.

Our Mission

PCA Arizona is shifting the public conversation about child maltreatment so that prevention is the priority.

More than 85,000 babies are born in Arizona each year, over half of whom are at risk for poor developmental outcomes including abuse and neglect.

Since 1989, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona has been a leader in bringing research-based prevention services to communities throughout the state. Each year, our prevention services reach more than 60,000 young children and their families with parent education, home visits and child welfare system improvements. Thousands of community professionals will attend one of our many best-practice trainings.

Our History

Since 1989, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona has been finding ways to prevent child abuse and neglect before it happens. In 1990, we developed the first Statewide Child Abuse Prevention Conference, in partnership with Children’s Action Alliance. PCA Arizona has since produced the CAP Conference annually (save for a few post-recession years) through a contract with the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Today, our programs and trainings reach over 60,000 children, families and community professionals annually. 

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We put prevention first in everything we do.

PCA Arizona’s goal is to change the societal conditions that lead to abuse and neglect so children can thrive in their families and communities.

Why is an organization like PCA Arizona needed?

More than 85,000 babies are born in Arizona annually. Over half of these newborns are at risk for abuse and neglect at birth because of factors including:


Child abuse and neglect result in incalculable social, emotional and monetary costs that can last a lifetime and affect generations. It is vital to our future that children have safe, healthy childhoods so they can learn, thrive and contribute to society as they grow up and start their own families as adults.

Research tells us engaging new parents around the time of birth is the most effective and cost-efficient prevention strategy.

Everyone can do something today to improve the lives of children in their community.