July 18th – 19th, 2023

Child Abuse Prevention Conference

“This conference re-inspired me and reminded me why I do my job.”

Child Abuse Prevention Conference

“It’s the Think Tank of child abuse prevention!”

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is dedicated to strengthening families and protecting children through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

Through our programs and trainings, we equip people and organizations with tools and information to advance child wellbeing in our state.


Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is one of 50 state chapters of Prevent Child Abuse America. PCA Arizona has been the state’s leading child maltreatment prevention organization for more than 30 years. Through advocacy and training, PCA Arizona implements strategies to keep children safe and support families in our communities.


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Supporting Children and Families COVID-19 Resource Guide

Throughout the pandemic, many have been worried about children, especially those children who lack protective adults in their lives. The best way to prevent child abuse and to protect children, is to support their families cope with stress. Prevent Child Abuse Arizona encourages you to check in with families in the ways that you can.

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Top Ten Tips for Parenting in Uncertain Times

Parenting is stressful. Parenting in a pandemic is even harder! Take a deep breath. Then, check out these tips!

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Talking to Kids about Racism, Violence, and Other Distressing Events

Tragic and unsettling current events have many parents wrestling with their own feelings while worrying about their children and how to help them cope and thrive. Here are a collection of resources to help caregivers talk to kids about what’s happening.

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Giving Yourself Permission

Giving Yourself Permission

Last month, we certified 20 people to teach “Considering Yourself a Mandated Supporter,” a training for educators on how to connect families to resources. The main idea behind the training is that protecting children doesn’t begin and end with...

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Considering Yourself a ‘Mandated Supporter’

Considering Yourself a ‘Mandated Supporter’

In May, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona held its first “Considering Yourself a Mandated Supporter” Training of Trainers (TOT). The training, which was created in collaboration the ACEs Consortium and Onward Hope and funded by DCS, is designed to guide...

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If you are interested in sponsoring a webinar or a series of webinars, please view our webinar prospectus and contact info@pcaaz.org.

How do we prevent child abuse before it ever happens?

By helping Arizona families stay strong through:

Parental Resilience: The ability to bounce back from stress and cope with challenges in a positive, constructive way

Social Connections: Having friends, family and community that provide emotional support in tough times and help celebrate good times

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development: Information on how kids grow and how to help each unique child thrive

Concrete Support in Times of Need: Access to services and resources that keep a family safe and healthy, such as food, shelter, and healthcare

Social and Emotional Competence of Children: Children know that they belong, know they are loved, understand their feelings and can get along well with others

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